Legal Protection and Benefits


As a New SeniorShield® Member, you can order YOUR Crital Legal documents at NO extra charge: 1) Your Durable Financial Power of Attorney;  and 2) Your Simple Last Will and Testament. Simply complete your POA and Will Questionnaire, send it to EPN and an EPN Provider Attorney will email your documents to you for signing in about a week! This benefit is valued at over $525.00!

Congratulations on beginning to get your legal affairs in order!  The vast majority of Texas Seniors do not have the security and peace of mind of having their legal plans established. 

NEXT STEP: Do the Legal Planning for your Spouse!

The next SeniorShield® Membership Legal Benefit: Your Spouse is entitled to get his/her Financial Power of Attorney and his/her Last Will created for only  $100.00 each! 

                       (average Texas attorney fees exceed $525.00 for these 2 documents)

How quickly do you want your Critical Documents?

After your Initial Enrollment and Annual Membership Fees are processed, you can order your Critical Documents IMMEDIATELY!  

With a Monthly Membership, you can order your Critical Documents after your sixth (6th) monthly payment has been processed!

25% DISCOUNTS on Estate Planning, Trusts and Probates

The legal services that Texas Seniors need the most fall into these categories: Estate Planning (for more complicated Wills); Trusts (for more complicated financial and real estate planning) and Probates (to probate the Wills of deceased family members). EPN Provider Attorneys will give each SeniorShield® Member and their Spouse a 25% DISCOUNT on ALL of these legal services!


Attorneys recommend that EVERY  Senior owns these Key documents: 1) The POA and Will (which you will receive above); PLUS: 2) Your Medical Power of Attorney (for Medical decisions), 2) Your HIPPA Release (so that doctors can more easily share your information during emergency situations); 3) Your Directive to Physicians (your life support decision); and 4) Your Declaration of Guardian (which names the person you want to be responsible for you if you are incapacitated). 

Now that you have started on getting your legal Affairs in order for yourself and your family, why not finish the job? EPN Provider Attorneys provide BIG DISCOUNT PACKAGE PRICING for each SeniorShield® Member who wants to get ALL of their necessary legal documents in order.