Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection

TOTAL SECURITY WITH SeniorShield® Membership

SeniorShield® Members can rest assured that their credit will be monitored and their identity can be protected by TWO (2) of the Top ID Security companies in the nation! 

Your SeniorShield®  Membership fee cover your membership with BOTH:



Regular Price for the

 IDENTITYIQ Protect Max Plan at

$29.99 per month 

NEW SeniorShield® Members can automatically enroll with IDENTITYIQ for Daily Credit Monitoring of your accounts at ALL 3 Credit Bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. You will then be provided with: 

  • Email Alerts 
  • Fraud Alert Assistance 
  • Credit Score Tracking
  • Comprehensive victim assistance benefits, including up to $1,000,000 of expense reimbursement
  • Lost wallet assistance
  • Credit account reports - Provided by IDENTITYIQ.


In the USA, 

EVERY TWO (2) SECONDS, there is a new victim of identity fraud

and Seniors are among the hardest hit.*


As a SeniorShield® Member, if your Identity is stolen, you will have the protection you need with LifeStages®  Identity Management Services—a personalized service by CYBERSCOUT, which provides unlimited  24/7 resolution support services to solve your ID Theft  problems. 

See for a complete listings of Lifestages®  Benefits!

Since 2003, over 17,500,000 households protected by LifeStages®  and CyberScout™ formerly IDT911 resolution services.