Asset Protection and Home Protection

You DO NOT have to Lose your Life Savings OR your Home to the high cost of Nursing home care!

The biggest misconception about Medicaid Eligibility is that a person moving to a Nursing Home for care MUST lose all of their Life Savings AND their home before they can qualify for Medicaid financial assistance to pay for the $63,017 average annual nursing home cost in Texas!    NOT TRUE. 

SeniorShield® Membership enables you to Plan Ahead, get legal documents in order and sleep well.

If you are worried that you OR your Parents could face financial disaster if catastrophic illness forced a Nursing Home extended stay in the future...this SeniorShield® Plan is for you!!!

With SeniorShield® you will get the Information and Direction your Family needs to Be Prepared.

Knowledge is Power.

SeniorShield® Membership will provide your two (2) primary, critical legal documents needed: Your Durable Financial Power of Attorney and your Simple Last Will AND big discounts on these legal documents for your Spouse. 

Our network of Provider Attorneys also provide SeniorShield Members with discounts on your other legal documents and 25% discounts on important Senior legal services like estate planning and probate. You can also request the valuable, real-life facts and information in our Master Planning Guides: “How to Plan Ahead“ and “How to Qualify for Veterans Benefits and Home Care benefits”.

FREE Consultation

If you or anyone you know is currently paying privately for their care in a skilled nursing home, or if you have a loved one who will soon need long term care in a skilled nursing home, call today to schedule a FREE Consultation with our team of Medicaid eligibility specialists. 

During the consultation we will review your loved ones situation, teach you the three main Texas Medicaid eligibility requirements and provide an overview of general results and potential options for you and your family to consider.  

               Remember... you DO NOT  have to lose your life savings or your Home to pay for nursing home care!